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Real Live Comedians

For over 4 years, Real Live Comedians has brought the country's best comics to San Francisco and Sacramento for 90 minutes of hot, live comedian action that will make you wet your pants and then you'll need new pants because the old ones got pee on them

Jason Mack hosts the best local and national talent from TV, festivals, comedy clubs, and crappy dive bars including comics from Comedy Central, SF Sketchfest, the Punch Line, Cobb's and more! We guarantee that if you don't laugh you are an idiot.

Upcoming shows:
Tuesday, Dec 19 | Punch Line San Francisco | 8pm
Thursday, Jan 11 | Cobb's (SF) | 8pm

More SF and Sac shows TBA!

Meet the Team

Real Live Comedians was founded by Jason Mack in 1967. Since then, RLC has delivered only the finest baked treats to boutique goods stores all over the Pacific Northwest.


Jason Mack

Founder & CEO

You used to be able to "double the beef" at Wendy's for 89 cents. That really meant "add a patty" to a burger. Jason Mack once bought a Classic Triple and "doubled the beef" for 89 cents. He called it the Classic Sextuple. 6 weeks later, he died of coronary artery disease.


Mark Smalls

Vice President

Mark Smalls is the co-producer of the San Francisco show.


A Monkey With A Gun

Brains of the Operation

We're happy to announce we've added A Monkey With A Gun to the Real Live Comedians team.